3D-Laser SwissArt AG, Switzerland has built up thru many years of experience a huge field of know-how concerning laser engraving / laser in-glass engraving and other laser technology. Our services are:


“Jura”-Award – in-glass engraving

in-glass engraving

We have very high demands on laser quality. Our designers and partners have a special eye for the 3rd dimension! Laser-capable 3D models are set in crystal glass in the right light. You can have your glass Award, Cup or personal gifts set-up with your logo, your 3D model and your text. We produce unique and exceptional recognition gifts for you. Let your glass photo gift, award, trophy and honor price made by us in Switzerland.



“Team-Work”-Award – glass surface engraving

Engraving, surface engraving, CO2 engraving

Crystal glass and acrylic glass can also be surfaced- engraved. ..either on the front or rear side.  Some of our acrylic awards and glass trophies can also be sandblasted. In addition, we can also print various colors on the surface. Check the different examples in our catalog. 3D models can not be engraved on the surface!



Ideal present  – bottle-holder  with/without bottle-cap made of crystal glass

Gift Delivery – schedule delivery on your behalf (3D-Laser full service)

We create personalized gifts made of crystal glass, send it with your greeting card and if wisched additional gift to the recipient – all just in time!
(f.e. as birthday gift to your best customers, employees at home and abroad)


industry lasering

Marking of plastic parts (eg. Screw terminals), metals (eg. Welding diameter) crystal glass / acrylic rods and more are nothing new for us! The laser treatment of materials is often less expensive than traditional methods.



Custom-made / special engraving

In close cooperation with our customers we produce individual pieces of crystal glass or acrylic in special molds. This we engrave with your specifications.



Gift box / shipping box

In most cases – there are very few exceptions – our products are packed in exclusive gift boxes made of black/blue cardboard, lined with Styrofoam. These boxes are used mainly as a transport protection are delivered for free. Therefore, they are no cause for complaint in case of damage.