This is how it works: 360° 3D conversion

360° 3D-conversion made from your photos – for in-glass engraving, sub surface engraving


The following steps are necessary to engrave your photo as  a 360 ° 3D model into glass.

Nearly as objects such as houses, vehicles, technical devises, furniture etc. kann be converted from photos into a 360° 3D-Model and then engraved into glass.

We can also produce 360° 3D-Models based on technical drawings and from CAD-files.


1. Step:

Send us your photos – showing your device from different sides.

herz 3d oben

2. Step

3D-Designers create a electronical 3D-model of your device based on your photos.


3. Step

Depending on the chosen glass-size and form, we create so-called dot-cloudfiles for best quality. Your device is shown in thousands of dots! This dot-cloudfile is the bvases for in-glass engraving.


4. Step

Your device, the dot-cloud-file is then used by our Laser-machine to engrave the glass. Logo and text can also be set-up in the cloud-file.


Short-video showing the “lion monument of Lucerne” as a 360° 3D-Model in Glass.

In our  Catalogue you’ll find a large (probable largest) range of crystal glass products for presents/gifts, Awards and cups. All for in-glass engraving, and surface engraving