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Conversion of 2D-technical-drawings into a 360° 3D-model / in-glass engraving


From your technical drawing or your plans to your 360 ° 3D model for Glass engravings Glass engravings inside

These steps are necessary to engrave your plans or engineering drawings as a 360 ° 3D model into crystal glass:


1. Step

Your technical drawings or plans with the appropriate messurements have to be sent to us electronicly.


2. Step

Our 3D-designer creates a perfect electronical 360° 3D-model of your technical drawings or plans. The desired text and logos can be integrated at this stage.

3d-laser-umwanldung-trophaee-award-pokal-3 3d-laser-umwanldung-trophaee-award-pokal-4

3. Step

For each desired glass-size a point cloud file will be created in order to achieve the optimum reproduction of the object in glass. The object is in this case represented by thousands and thousands of (laser) points. This file is the basis for the laser treatment of the crystal glass. The more (laser-) dots/points the better! We strive the maximum possible points. On the over hand it takes longer to produce (…a bit more expensive) , but you get the best possible quality – Made in Switzerland by 3D-Laser SwissArt AG!


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